Darrin James is a Michigan based singer-songwriter, guitarist, composer and producer.  He has released three critically praised albums of original songs: Thrones of Gold (2006), The Lovely Ugly Truth (2009) and Strange Storm (2016).  In 2018 James released the eponymous debut album of his new instrumental jazz-funk project, Disaster Relief. 

Darrin James was born in Kentucky, raised in Metro-Detroit, and spent a formative decade in New York City, honing his skills as a producer, guitarist and singer-songwriter, before returning to Michigan in 2010. His musical style is as varied as his background as it draws on his love of the blues and folk music of the south, the Motown soul and classic rock n’ roll rawness of Detroit, and the eclecticism and immediacy of Brooklyn, where he developed his stage and song repertoire as a member of the burgeoning indie singer-songwriter scene from 2000 to 2010.  His gravelly voice, gritty guitar, and thought-provoking lyrics embrace the full scope of American music - encompassing blues, folk, rock, soul, jazz, funk, country - and increasingly more flavors from around the globe.